The 4 Things You Need To Inspect When Buying A Used Excavator

When you are in a construction business, buying brand new equipment is not always the best option. Most especially for an Excavator whereas it can be fully functional even though it is second hand. There are just some things that you need to inspect carefully to make sure that you can get the best item even if it has been used. Make sure to examine the following thoroughly.

1. Play or Movement

The first thing you must check is the slew ring. If it is damage, then it is not the best deal you can get because it’s one of the most expensive things to repair in a used excavator. Test it out by rotating the hydraulic excavator housing and check if there is any movement on the slew ring.

2. Cracks and Dents

You should inspect every part of the excavator and make sure there are no dents or cracks on it. It’s not a good sign, and it could be the reason why the owner is selling it. If you can see some cracks most especially on the point welds, it could be a sign that it was not used correctly and it’s possible that the boomstick needs to be replaced.

3. Check for Leaks

Leaks are not easy to be seen so what you need to do is open the pump compartment and inspect it thoroughly. Don’t miss out on the hoses, lines and cylinders to be sure that there are no problems on the excavator. Check the slew ring and swing bearing for added assurance.

4. Broken Hours Meter

It is important that the hour’s meter is working correctly to be able to determine the exact amount of usage of the equipment. You can also check the control pedals to see if the hour’s meter logged the exact hours of operation.

It’s not wrong to buy a used excavator, but you have to be cautious when purchasing one. You need to double check the equipment if necessary before you close the deal because you could have missed some hidden defects.

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